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Lux: Actually, I’m… I’m looking for Nathaniel “Ba-zile.”

Baze: “Baze-zile.” Yeah, that’s me.

Lux: No, wait. You’re Nathaniel… Bazile? Are you sure?

Baze: Yeah, I’m pretty sure.

Lux: You live in a bar.

Baze: No, I live above a bar.

Lux: What can I, um…?

Baze: You want to take my cookie order or what?

Lux: No. I… I’m not a Girl Scout. I’m… kind of… comprised of half your gene pool.

Baze: Huh?

Lux: I’m your daughter.

Baze: That’s… Wait, you’re my what?

Lux: Your daughter.

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